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Issue 8: Mar 30, 2023: In Election Cycle with Historically Low Turnout Expected, Every Vote Counts. Click here to download.

Issue 7: Mar 25, 2023: D65 Spending on Administrators Increases Markedly—While Spending on Teachers Stays Flat. Click here to download.

Issue 6: Mar 9, 2023: D65 Test Scores Show Steady 7-year Decline— Across Racial and Ethnic Groups. Click here to download.

Issue 5: Feb 22, 2023: D65 Principals and Assistant Principals Leaving in Significant Numbers. Click here to download.

Issue 4: Feb 7, 2023: Parent and Teacher Concerns Grow about D65’s Commitment to Bi-Lingual Education. Click here to download.

Issue 3: Jan 30, 2023: D65 Paid More than $500,000 for Personal Armed Bodyguard Service for Superintendent. Click here to download.

Issue 2: Jan 7, 2023: What is driving the enrollment decline? Click here to download.

Issue 1: May 11, 2022: D65 and ETHS test scores, Haven safety concerns, D65 teachers. Click here to download.