About Us

We are public school parents, teachers, and Evanston residents who are deeply concerned about Evanston’s schools and our children’s future.

We’re only too aware that test scores are in steep decline, teacher morale is at an unprecedented low, and parent concerns about safety and curricular changes are mounting.

We created Evanston Schools Update because it’s become clear that many people in Evanston — including some parents of D65 and ETHS students — are unaware of the changes taking place in our public schools.

We know most Evanstonians don’t track the constant stream of school news in local papers or listen to the hours-long school board meetings. But at a time when the stakes are so high for our kids and teachers, and when our school leaders are making critical decisions that impact every Evanston taxpayer, we believe it’s important that more of our neighbors know what’s happening.

That’s why we created the newsletter: to give our neighbors a quick summary of important school news from local papers and school board meetings, and to present diverse opinions and analyses about school-related issues.